Made on Maui, Green Business & Eco-Alley Vendors

World Whale Day is host to the original "Made on Maui" Fair, featuring locally-crafted jewelry, pottery, woodwork, personal care products, delicacies, artwork, and other unique items.

2017 Made on Maui Artisans include:

  • Josephine Crafts & Souvenirs

  • Maui Folk Painting

  • Island Home Accents, Keokea

  • Meletiki

  • Aloha Jewelry & Gifts

  • A Piece of Maui
  • Babette Katz


Green Vendors:

Eco-Alley Participants:

Eco-Alley at World Whale Day is designed to increase awareness of local environmental and conservation issues and inspire people to take action in finding solutions to these issues. Maui businesses and non-profits are invited to showcase their organization’s environmental work and share their commitment to global conservation efforts.


To participate in the Made on Maui Artisan Fair, submit your online application here.

Please email if you have any questions.